You don't get tired of surviving, you just push on.
— Alicia to Ofelia, "Los Muertos"

Alicia Clark, also known as "'licia" or "lisha" within the family, is Madison's daughter and Nick's sister.

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Alicia is an a driven teenager and daughter of Madison Clark. Before The Fall she went to Paul R. Williams High School; her father died when she was eleven and, like her older brother, she was deeply affected by this loss. Unlike Nick though, she excels in every area of life that he fails in. Alicia planned to go to the University of California at Berkeley and was already in contacted by the institutio as well as making plans for the future with her boyfriend Matt Sale.

Alicia is your atypical teenage girl. She excels at school. She’s on her way to college. She’s very self-sufficient. She’s very self-reliant. She’s kind of the model student and the model child.
Robert Kirkman, Entertainment Weekly, June 4, 2015[2]



Alicia and Nick

Alicia with her brother Nick.

Nick is Alicia's brother and they are described as "two siblings that are very much at odds with each other. They love each other because they are brother and sister, but to a certain extent it’s almost like they are each other’s worst enemies because one is screwing things up while she’s trying to achieve things and get on to college, and the other one is seeing her as this reminder of everything that he can’t be.”[2] Alicia appears to be emotionally distant when it comes to her brother's drug addiction, though she sincerely cares for her older brother and it pains her to see him in such a fragile state. After they discovered the wreck of Flight 462 and Nick disappeared, Alicia seemed concerned. When he returned covered in blood, she grabs him into a large hug.


It is shown that the two share a close connection and that they care for each other. Playfully bantering and being complimentary towards one another. Alicia cares for him without hesitation when he's ill. For his part Matt sends her away, again without hesitation, when he thinks that sending her away is the best thing for her.


Alicia and her mom have a genuinely close and loving relationship. It's strained more so than most teenage daughter and mother relationships mainly over the drama revolving around Nick's drug addiction and Travis moving into their home.

Travis Edit

Alicia doesn't appear to have anything against Travis as a person. She resents him being a change in her life and in her relationships with her mother and brother, but she would probably resent any new partner her mother had. In "The Dog"" Alicia is quite anxious when Travis doesn't return and says that it reminds her, in a bad way, of waiting for someone else to return. The unspoken implication is that it reminds her of waiting for her father when he died and didn't return.

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Chris is her not-quite-step brother. Alicia seems to initially regard Chris in a similar light to Travis, thanks to the fact that he is a part of the family that's causing great changes in her life. However, it isn't quite on the same level as with Travis. Their first on-screen interaction occurs in "The Dog" when Alicia is running from a walker. Chris helps a panicking Alicia over a fence, but Alicia - in her panic - didn't realize Chris was helping her, and elbows him in the nose, causing it to bleed. The two don't begin to bond until "Cobalt", when they raid the abandoned house of a wealthy family, enjoying their material goods before smashing and tearing the place apart. Romantic undertones can be detected during these moments, especially during one moment when Chris accidentally witnesses Alicia when she was about to change from one expensive dress into another. In "The Good Man", Alicia shares nearly, if not all, of her scenes with Chris. The two end up alone, guarding their car. When soldiers come trying to steal their car, they both get defensive. When one solider makes suggestive remarks and touches Alicia, Chris instantly tries to protect her. His moves ultimate backfire when the soldier knocks him out cold. Alicia and Chris are later seen at the end of the episode hanging out, eating popsicles together.

There was very little change in their relationship throughout Season 2a, until they made landfall in Baja California. While walking through the town of Rosarito, they are attacked by a group of Infected, and Madison is pinned to the ground by one. Chris fails to help, and Alicia sees this. Later, Chris tries to cover up with lies, but Alicia says she will tell, and Chris treatens her. Their relationship is soured after this.


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  • In the script used by Alycia Debnam-Carey when she read for this part, the character's name was "Ashley".[3]
  • Her signature weapon is a balisong (butterfly knife) that she stole from Jack. The knife is a Bear and Son 113B.
  • Alicia can probably be considered the fan favorite character from Fear The Walking Dead; she is the character that has more fan art and is, arguably, more discussed than the other cast members.



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