Cobalt staff

A CDC employee.

The Center for Disease Control, abbreviated to CDC, is a location and organization mentioned in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It has a quarantine station in Los Angeles, California. (This is based on their real world counterparts.[1]) Members of the quarantine station are seen on the streets of Los Angeles after the shooting of the Homeless Man by members of the LAPD.

Appearances Edit

Homeless Man being body bagged

In "So Close, Yet So Far", workers from the CDC arrive to Los Angeles, where they bag the body of an infected, now deceased homeless man.

References Edit

Center for Disease Control
Government Agencies Center for Disease ControlLAPDNational GuardU.S. MilitaryMexican MilitaryCalifornia Highway PatrolCoast GuardOperation CobaltOperation N.O.A.HMilitiaEmergency ServicesFAABorder PatrolLos Angeles Fire Department

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