Connor is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He first appears in the episode "Blood in the Streets".



Season 2Edit

"Blood in the Streets" Edit

"Captive" Edit

Connor cooks steak for Alicia in the galley of his ship and tries to charm her. When the lights go out, Connor leaves to get the generator going again.

Later, when The Abigail arrives, Connor radios the boat, thinking it's still under Reed's command. Madison replies and tells Connor that they’re holding Reed and will trade him for Travis and Alicia. Connor agrees.

He and a member of his crew are waiting on the docks or the trade. When he asks to see who is under the hood, Madison removes it to reveal a zombiefied Reed, who is then pushed into Conor. Connor is bitten on the arm. The last we see of him, he is lying on the dock bleeding. It is unknown what happened to him after this. It is possible he turned after been bitten, or he could have been put down by another member of his crew.


Season 2 appearances
Monster We All Fall Down Ouroboros Blood in the Streets Captive
Sicut Cervus Shiva Grotesque Los Muertos Do Not Disturb
Pablo & Jessica Pillar of Salt Date of Death Wrath North

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