Druggie is the script name of a character in the first episode, "Pilot", of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is portrayed by Shaquille Carter.



This man is a drug user, and has ties with Nick Clark, another drug user.[1]

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Along with Gloria, Nick Clark and a few others this man bought drugs from Calvin and used them in the abandoned church. The man presumably "nodded" off (fell asleep after taking heroin) in the church, and when he woke up was attacked by an infected Gloria. The man was unable to escape, and was taken down and devoured by Gloria (again, off-screen and presumed). Screams are heard by Nick Clark when he wakes and this could be the man being attacked; Nick finds him dead having his face eaten by Gloria. Later, the man turns and leaves the church (off-screen) as Travis Manawa, while investigating the church, does not find any bodies or encounter any of The Infected.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man

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