Francisco is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He first appears in the episode "Grotesque".



Season 2Edit

"Grotesque" Edit

Francisco first appears in the episode alongside Luciana. He and Luciana see Nicholas Clark walking among a herd on the road to Tijuana and collapse. He wants to help Nick, but Luciana refuses.

Later, he and Luciana find Nick tending his wounds in a barber shop, and he assures them he is not infected. This time, Luciana takes Nick with them.

"Pablo & Jessica"Edit

Francisco comes into the marketplace to tell Alejandro that they have found Pablo, Luciana's brother, dead.

"Pillar of Salt"Edit

Francisco sneaks out of La Colonia with his wife and daughter, they are quickly caught by Marco Rodriguez and Antonio Reyes. Marco recognises him and take them to interrogates about the Oxycontin and location of La Colonia.


Nicholas Clark and Reynaldo discover Francisco's entire family dead. They have been lined up against the wall and shot.


Madison, Travis, and Alicia also find Francisco's family dead.

Death Edit

Killed by members of the Los Hermanos gang with his wife and daughter (off screen) at the El Pelicano store, their bodies were left there and discovered by Madison Clark, Travis Manawa and Alicia Clark. An address in his wife's pocket allowed Madison et al to find La Colonia.


Season 2 appearances
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Season 2b Edit

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