It's ok, I got you. I'll see you soon.
— Jack to Alicia, Monster

Jack Kipling is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He first appears in the episode "Monster".



Season 2Edit

"Monster" Edit

When the group first board The Abigail and Alicia is monitoring the marine VHF radio, Jack plays the David Bowie song "Five Years" on the radio, trying to get someone to answer him. Eventually Alicia answers him and, eventually, she lets slip just how valuable The Abigail is and their approximate position.

Initially he claims to be in a small fishing vessel with his brother and sister in law and claims that his girlfriend has died. Later he says that his boat is taking on water and implies that they won't make land.

His last transmission to Alicia is that he will see her soon.

"Blood in the Streets" Edit

Jack boards The Abigail with Reed and Vida. They pretend that Vida's ill to gain access to the boat. Jack leaves with Connor, taking Travis and Alicia Clark with them. He leaves the rest of The Abigail group to be killed by Reed, Breannah and Ben.

"Captive" Edit

Jack finds Alicia on the bow of Connor's ship and tells her she’s not allowed to roam freely and ushers her back inside. Alicia demands to know if her family made it to safety. Jack agrees to find out.

He instructs Alicia to scan the radar for mid-sized vessels that his people can hijack.

Jack spots The Abigail approaching on the radar. Alicia explodes at Jack when she realizes Reed could not have possibly delivered her family to safety in such a short amount of time. Jack admits that Reed sometimes kills passengers after hijackings and offers to help Alicia find her family.

With Jack at her side, Alicia finds Travis and tells him they’re plotting to escape that night.

On Connor's instructions, Jack ties Travis’s hands to prepare him for the prisoner exchange. Connor orders Jack to get Alicia. He looks for Alicia in the galley, she isn't there.

He finds her on the bow again and corners her. Jack begs Alicia to stay with him and asks if she really wants to live with the kind of people who abandon survivors like Alex. “I’m sorry,” she says and jumps into the water. As he watches, Madison and Travis rescue her in the Zodiac and return to the Abigail.


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