Jake Otto is a character in FtWD. He is portrayed by British actor Sam Underwood.


Not much is known about Jake's life before the outbreak, except that he lived with his father Jeremiah and brother Troy on or near the border between America and Mexico. His family were part of a group of survivalists. Jake wanted to "write", but his father steered him towards studying Law.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

"Eye of the Beholder" Edit

He is seen trying to get his brother back after Madison Clark pierced his brother's eye with a spoon. She later releases him. He attempts to tackle her but is quickly stopped by Troy.

"The New Frontier" Edit

After the helicopter crashed, he set up a camp there until help arrived. During the time, Charlene was killed by Infected and Jake found her body, he put her down before she reanimated.

"Teotwawki" Edit


"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" Edit

Jake starts a sexual relationship with Alicia Clark.


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