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Jessica Diaz (née Stowe) is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She was first seen in the Season 2b Comic-Con trailer, dancing with her father.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Jessica is from the United States and is the daughter of Ilene Stowe and Charles Stowe. Before the outbreak, she and her family were attending her wedding to Oscar Diaz at the in Baja California, Mexico.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Do Not Disturb Edit

Jessica was in Rosarito with her family celebrating her wedding at the Rosarito Beach Hotel's ballroom, despite the rumors and stories of the outbreak threatening to close the border. As the guests enjoyed the party, she was called to the dance floor to dance with her newlywed husband Oscar, despite her parents debating whether they should leave Mexico. After her dance with Oscar, Charles is called to the dance floor for the father-daughter dance. However, during the dance Charles suffers a heart attack and reanimates, biting Jessica's cheek as she tried to perform CPR. As panic ensues in the ballroom, the hotel manager Elena Reyes locks all the wedding party inside in an effort to contain the situation.

Pablo & Jessica Edit

It is revealed that an Infected Jessica was in the honeymoon suite in Tower 1711. Whether she was carried here while dead, led as a reanimated zombie or managed to reach this room alive is never revealed. If she managed to reach this room alive (or was carried while unconscious), sometime after she succumbed to her injuries and reanimated. Victor Strand discovers her, and speaks to Oscar, who refuses to kill his wife. After a conversation occurs between the two, Oscar relents, allowing Victor to enter the room and put down Jessica.

Trivia Edit

  • The casting call for this character was simply Bride

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