Laura is a character who appears in Season 2b of Fear the Walking Dead.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Laura before the apocalypse except she was lived in or around the city of Tijuana and went to elementary school.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

"Pillar of Salt"

In this episode, Laura is sick. Its unknown how Laura got sick but we can assume that she had the infection. After Francisco guts a zombie he covers himself and his family in the blood so they can move through the Infected with camouflage. After Marco captured them, he execute Laura and her family.


After Nick trade with Reynaldo, Nick finds the bodies of the family.


As Madison, Travis, and Alicia explored the abandoned supermarket, they find Francisco's family dead.

Relationships Edit

  • Francisco - Laura is the daughter of Francisco.
  • Ana - Laura is the daughter of Ana.

Navigation Edit

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