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This article contains details of the events during the episode "Cobalt" which were directly contributed to or witnessed by Liza Ortiz.

Plot Details Edit

Dr Exner's makeshift hospital

Liza and Dr. Exner work on a patient in The Military Hospital

Liza is closing a wound on an injured man's arm with black sutures. Dr. Exner makes a point of complimenting her on the work and telling her how much she's needed. She talks about how she started with more nurses but doesn't answer Liza when she asks what happened to two of the other nurses. Exner tells another nurse to change a dressing on a man's leg and tells Liza that she's there at a good time, and that "no one expects her to be a superstar". She promises to help Liza talk to her son, and tells Liza that Griselda's foot had to be taken but that she's in recovery now, that Nick's "fine" and that they have work to do.

Are those bite marks? I see bite marks

Bite marks, I see bite marks. Corpsman!

Later, Dr. Exner is assessing and checking in an injured soldier. Quizzing and training Liza as she does. Liza correctly identifies a collapsed lung as the problem with one patient and gets to assess the next one herself. The next one has concussion, fractures and bite marks - Exner calls Liza away immediately and get a combat medic, a corpsman, to deal with the bitten man. As Liza goes off down the corridor she can see the corpsman bring over some device that needs compressed air.

As they take the first soldier down the corridor, Exner carries on training Liza. "Anything that looks like a bite - is."One slip up, one 'what if?' and we all start finding out what the neighbors taste like."

She opens a door onto a large area

Liza is exploring, she opens a door onto a large area

Liza is exploring the hospital and finds heavy duty anti-infection clothing in a very blood stained room. She opens a door onto a large area that looks like where they are holding Nick. She doesn't see him and moves on, finding Griselda in "Recovery". She is sedated on a bed in a large wire cage. As she's calling her Exner arrives and asks "Why don't you trust me?" She seems to have lost track of how strange and terrifying all of this is. She tells Liza that Griselda has Septic Shock, a widespread and severe infection that Liza knows will almost certainly kill her.

I was young and I did not know your nature

Griselda is delirious, dying

She'll turn Liza, and we don't want her to turn

Liza takes it from Exner, and makes sure Griselda won't turn

In the hospital, Griselda is dying. She is delirious and rambles about her life with Daniel - from what we now know we can see that she knew all about Daniel's role in the war but to Liza it is just fevered nonsense, and Exner doesn't understand Spanish. When she dies, Exner produces a captive bolt device to destroy Griselda's brain. She explains this to Liza, who takes the captive bolt and does it herself.

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