Maria Caso and her crew

Maria Caso and her crew, from her website.

Maria Caso is a production designer working in film and TV in the US. She is the production designer for Season 1 of Fear.

She began as a set decorator for The Terminator but was given the responsibilities of Art Director. She received an Emmy for her work on Deadwood.[1] She was born in Chicago and now lives in LA, she has a grown-son.

In the same way that actors invent backstories to inform their choices, production designer Caso has a reputation for creating "histories" for her sets that are never part of the script: a worn armrest perhaps, or a mismatched chair that go to suggest an emotional texture.

Adam Davidson (Season 1 director) who worked with her on Deadwood, describes her work like this:

She has an attention to detail that makes things more truthful. It actually looks like things have been touched and worn and lived in for years. We’ll be going through the set and she’ll say, 'There should be a hole in the wall. When the character was a teenager, one night he got really mad at his mom and just hit it.’ There’s no reference in the script, but it’s just a thing your eye catches and you just know it to be true. The actors know, too. You can see when they walk onto a set and it’s all there for them. They don’t have to pretend. They can just be in the space.
— Adam Davidson, [1]

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