That boy was born lost, like his Daddy. He's been slipping through my fingers ever since the day I gave birth to him.
Madison to Strand, about Nick, her son. In the episode "Los Muertos".

I'm just a bit sick of it all... The killing
— Nick to Celia Flores in "Shiva"

Nick Clark is a 19-year old former drug addict. Before The Fall his mother, Madison, sent him to rehab several times, but Nick had reached a point where no one could tell him what to do or force him into recovery — he would have to do that all by himself. Nick wants to prove he can rebuild his life – and, ironically, the apocalypse may provide him with that opportunity. [3]



Madison's screwed up teenage son. He’s too old to stay home, too scared to flee...pretty much a parent’s worst nightmare. He has flunked out of college, had a lot of trouble, got mixed up in some bad elements, and is definitely the problem child. And it’s exacerbated for him to be next to this perfect sister who seemingly doesn’t have anything going on in her life that is negative.
Robert Kirkman, Exclusive Intel

Nick is a heroin addict and, after losing his father when he was 12 or 13 (depending on which interview you listen to) is not coping with life. He was expelled from Citrus Community College sometime prior to the events in Season 1 and has been through "Rehab" several times. He is almost at the point where his family are about to back away from trying to care for him. His sister, Alicia, is at that point already.

Season 1Edit

"Pilot" Edit

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"So Close, Yet So Far" Edit

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"The Dog" Edit

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"Not Fade Away" Edit

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"Cobalt" Edit

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"The Good Man" Edit

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Season 2Edit

"Monster" Edit

"We All Fall Down" Edit

"Ouroboros" Edit

"Blood in the Streets" Edit

Nighttime and Nick swims ashore through the surf towing his clothes behind him in a watertight plastic bag as a helicopter flies by overhead. The sea close to the shore is full of searchlights and the lights of small boats. He gets dressed and makes his way to an abandoned tent camp nearby. He deliberately lures and then puts down an infected man, covering himself in its blood to go incognito.

Nick looks through a nearby town in his disguise as one of the Infected, he imitates the walk of one of the infected as he passes one, but it completely ignores him.

Nick locates the house he was searching for and is confronted at gunpoint by the man from Strand’s flashback (Luis). Things become more relaxed when they introduce themselves and Luis explains he’s going to help Strand cross the border but is puzzled by Nick's reference to "all of us".

Luis explains to Nick as they go to a Zodiac he has hidden and waiting, that his family work for The Abigail family.

Nick and Luis get close to The Abigail and quickly realize the hostage situation. From the Zodiac Luis takes out both Red and Ben, Connor’s people, with two perfect head-shots from a small boat, at sea, at a distance of about 200 metres. Impressive marksmanship.

Nick hops on board with Luis and explains he’s going to help them get to Mexico.


"Captive" Edit

On The Abigail, Nick is in The Main Room cleaning a hand gun. He looks very familiar with the weapon and with cleaning it. Madison forbids Nick from pulling any more stunts. He doesn't make any promises.

Nick finds Reed talking to Chris and riling him up. Nick shuts the door to tune Reed out. Chris blames himself for allowing Reed’s group onto the boat but Nick assures him it’s not his fault.

Ofelia and Nick clean the blood in Reed’s room after his death. Reed turns. They see Daniel stab Reed and pin him to a wall.

Madison prepares the Zodiac. Nick insists on delivering Reed to Connor but Madison refuses to let him go. She leaves with Reed in the Zodiac.

Nick and Strand monitor the pier through binoculars and notice that Connor only has Travis. Nick can only watch what happens.

"Sicut Cervus" Edit

At sea The Abigail approaches a Mexican flotilla that is guarding the border.

Nick hides in the engine room with the rest when a boat from the flotilla approaches them unexpectedly.

From the engine room, Madison’s group, that is everyone aboard except Strand and Luis, listen to the conversation between Strand, Luis and two military officers, Daniel translating for the group. Gunfire erupts after the officers insist on searching the boat to make sure no Infected are aboard.

When the lights go up and the engines start again, Madison’s group charge upstairs. A mortally wounded Luis lies next to two dead officers. The Flotilla start to fire on them, the group take cover and Strand powers The Abigail away. Luis begs Daniel not to kill him by stabbing him in the head, Daniel says he has no choice and prepares to do so anyway, but is stopped by Nick and Ofelia. Luis gives Ofelia a medallion with an owl’s face and asks her to give it to his mother. In temper at being stopped from killing Luis, Daniel flings the medallion into the ocean. Nick stays with Luis as he dies, listening to him.

Strand steers the Abigail toward the Mexican coastline, as they near the coast the flotilla stop firing on them.

On land, Strand leads the group inland, they go inland until they find a pile of dead bodies in front of a church, the bodies are being eaten by a dog. Strand attracts a herd of infected by calling for Thomas when he recognizes his pickup truck. Nick has to "kill" a young woman and then an infected girl. Afterwards he just sits there, stunned. When the group get into Thomas’s truck to leave Nick doesn't move until his mother calls him.

"Shiva" Edit

"Grotesque" Edit

The morning after the Abigail Family Vineyard burns down, Nick awakens in a house with Sofia standing over him and Juan playing outside. He informs Sofia of his plans to head north towards the city of Tijuana, while Sofia continues south with Juan towards La Paz. Sofia gives him supplies and wishes him luck.

Nick walks through the Mexican countryside, encountering only abandoned houses, one of which he decides to sleep in for the night. He is attacked by a survivor, and looses his supplies.

The following day, he is walking along an abandoned highway when he comes across wrecked cars. He scavenges for water, when a gang roll up and take care of several Infected on the road. They spot Nick and chase him, but he escapes. For his second night on the road, he sleeps on top on a wrecked van.

The following day, Nick is attacked and wounded by dogs, but they are overcome by infected while Nick remains hidden on top of the van. When the herd began to disperse, Nick overpowers an infected and takes his belt as a tourniquet. He covers himself in walker blood to hide his smell.

Later that day, still covered in blood, he is walking among the herd along the road towards Tijuana, suffering from dehydration. He hallucinated that the zombies were talking to him and that an infected Gloria was walking with him. While in this state, the gang that chased him the day before turn up again and start shooting the zombies. One of the gang spots Nick in the horde and is spooked by the sight. So much so that he hesitates long enough to be overrun.

Later, Nick collapses and is spotted by Luciana and Francisco, but is left lying on the road. However, he is revived by a rain shower. While not totally recovered, and with infection setting into the dog bite, Nick manages to make his way to a barber shop in a nearby town where he tends to his wound. Luciana and Francisco find him again, and decide to bring him to La Colonia, where Alejandro Nunez tends to him.

"Los Muertos" Edit

"Do Not Disturb" Edit

Nick does not appear in this episode.

"North" Edit

Nick and the survivors of La Colonia heads towards the border.



Alicia and Nick

Nick with his sister Alicia.

Nick and his sister Alicia have an obviously close relationship that's strained because of Nick's addiction to heroin and because of his lifestyle. In contrast to him, Alicia is trying to achieve things and get to college, Nick sees her as a reminder of everything he can’t be. For her part; at the beginning of Season 1 while she obviously cares for him, Alicia does not see what can be done to help Nick, and thinks that her mother (Madison) will not succeed in her attempts to help him now that he is an adult. She sticks by him though, when the soldiers come for him for instance. ("Not Fade Away")

Madison Edit

Nick is her son and they have a close relationship despite the problems Nick has. Her outburst and loss of control with him during "Not Fade Away" seems to be an isolated incident, so far.


Nick appears to resent and mistrust Travis. Travis tries to help Nick and readily takes responsibility for him and helps him when he can, staying with him at the hospital, investigating the abandoned church and then arriving to help him towards the end of "Pilot" when Nick calls after killing Calvin.

Ofelia Salazar Edit

During the first half of Season 2, Nick and Ofelia are seen to talk more and develop a friendship. Nick shows concern for Ofelia's injury (shot in the shoulder in the Season 1 episode "The Good Man") and offers support and advice. Ofelia is sometimes physically to to Nick, touching his arm just before they sit down to eat on The Abigail and when she goes to the shrine, in the episode "Sicut Cervus", to pray to her mother it's Nick she takes with her.


Gloria was Nick's girlfriend before her death[2] and was expecting to see her near him when he awoke at the beginning of "Pilot". He is very shocked to see her eating a dead body when he finds her - but he does not appear to grieve for her either then or later on in the way you might expect if he and Gloria had been close friends or boyfriend and girlfriend. However... Frank Dillane, who plays Nick has said in interview that "A lot of the stuff that drives Nick and makes him so troubled is his father dying and his girlfriend turning. He doesn’t really have much to live for."


Calvin is Nick's drug dealer and former friend. At the beginning of Season 1 Nick still thinks that Calvin is his friend.

Liza Edit

Victor Strand Edit

Nick's relationship with Strand appears to be one of 'mutual benefit,' in that, Strand recognised Nick had the skills he (Strand) required to get a job done and, in exchange, Strand would help Nick escape the compound they were being held in. Strand later told Nick's mother, Madison Clark, that while she knew Nick his whole life, she never saw his true potential, while Strand saw it within five minutes of meeting Nick-- even when Nick was in the depths. of withdrawal.


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