Ofelia Salazar is the daughter of Daniel Salazar and Griselda Salazar. She was born and raised in the US after her parents moved to Los Angeles, California. This means she doesn't know as much about her parents background before moving from El Salvador. Ofelia's most notorious trait is her fierce protectiveness over her parents whose English isn't as good as hers. Unlike her parents, Ofelia isn't fluent in Spanish but, to the ears of English speakers at least, she can speak it fairly well.



Ofelia was the child of Daniel Salazar and Griselda Salazar, Salvadoran immigrants to the US and lived a fairly sheltered life with her parents up to her mid twenties.

She was engaged, before the fall, to a man called "William", the engagement was called off because he needed to to relocate and Ofelia wouldn't leave her parents, believing that she had to look after them. This was revealed by Ofelia to Alicia Clark in the episode "Los Muertos".

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Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man
Season 2 appearances
Monster We All Fall Down Ouroboros Blood in the Streets Captive
Sicut Cervus Shiva Grotesque Los Muertos Do Not Disturb
Pablo & Jessica Pillar of Salt Date of Death Wrath North
Season 3 appearances
Eye of the Beholder The New Frontier Teotwawki 100 Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame Red Dirt
The Unveiling Children of Wrath Minotaur The Diviner La Serpiente Brother's Keeper
This Land Is Your Land El Matadero Things Bad Begun Sleigh Ride


Pre-Production Information Edit

Ofelia Salazar is an original, Season 1, character. Before Season 1 filming started, she was described by Kirkman as:

as being born in the States, but of Salvadoran parents. Strong, independent, beautiful. Professional but fierce, protective of her parents whom she feels are backwards because of their poor English -- after the outbreak however, she begins to see her parents in a different light.
— Kirkman, Pre-Production publicity release
Ofelia's Entrance

First view of Ofelia in Episode 2, "So Close, Yet So Far"

In contrast, Mercedes Mason (the actress who plays Ofelia) describes her differently and talks about how the character changed in pre-production.
... they purposely put me in this sort of baby-doll dress. I mean, it's very young and I think it was to reflect how naïve Ofelia is. She's post-college, but still very much…I don't want to say immature but maybe that is the best word to use.

She's very much a daddy's girl. She relies on her parents to sort of tell her the ins and outs of the world, even though she thinks she's protecting them, because they're the immigrants and she speaks the language better. So, I think they really wanted to start her very innocent and then, at some point, you'll see, there ends up being a change of clothes…it's a lot tougher but it's still very sort of young ... When we first got together, they [the writers] were very good about sitting down with each of us, individually, and sort of fleshing out the character, what do you think, what do we think, you know? There were some sort of instincts that I had that they were completely on board with and some things that they told me, ‘well, we really see her as this.’

Initially, when we started, she was written as kind of a blow hard, like a woman in the work industry, and she's got her s**t together. And then, as it progressed, they started seeing her a lot younger, and, again, very naïve. So it really changed the wardrobe.

I think they really wanted to show each of the characters and how they would survive something like this from ground zero, at very different levels of their lives, because the original show, you have the adults and you have the very young kids. And for us, we now have the teenagers, we have the young adults, myself, we have all different sort of cultures. But I think they really want to tap into every aspect of how people would react, so that everybody has somebody to relate to.
Mercedes Mason, Jim Halterman Interview[1]

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