Susan, I'm home. The airport's shut down. I drove all the way from Salt Lake.
— Patrick to Susan Tran

Patrick Tran was the neighbor of the Clarks in Fear The Walking Dead. He appears in "The Dog" and is portrayed by Jim Lau.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Patrick lived next to the Clarks with his wife Susan for several years. He is described as being a faithful, loving husband to his wife.

Season 1 Edit

The Dog Edit

Patrick Finding Wife

Patrick finding his infected wife.

Patrick Tran was at the airport when it shut down due to the spreading infection and found his way home. He arrives home and finds Susan Tran, unaware that his wife had become infected. Madison Clark, his neighbor attempts to go after Patrick to warn him of Susan's fate. Patrick enters his backyard garden, finding his infected wife. Madison tries to reason with him, however Patrick is in shock and confusion. He approaches his wife and opens his arms to hug her, and before being bitten she is suddenly shot in the head by the National Guard. As Patrick was covered in her blood, he was taken away in quarantine.

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man


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