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Qaletaqa Walker (pronouced as Ka-let-ta-ka), also known as Taqa or as Walker is the main antagonist in Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead. He is the leader of the Hopi Tribe Black Hat Reservation.


Qaletaqa Walker is a member (and Chief) of the Hopi Tribe, living at the Black Hat Reservation in California, located near Broke Jaw Ranch and San Diego. Walker, and other members of the tribe, have a long-standing land quarrel with the residents of Broke Jaw Ranch, Some tribe members were killed by the Broke Jaw Ranch population (mainly members of the Otto Family and were buried at Broke Jae Ranch, including Walker's father.

Qaletaga studied law, and used his knowledge to try and sue the ranch, and the Otto family, in the hopes of reclaiming lost lands. None of the lawsuits were successful. Because of the deceased tribe members and the loss of land, many members of the tribe now hate the residents of Broke Jaw Ranch.


Many members of the tribe, led by Qaletaqa, saw the outbreak (and the resulting fall of law and order) as a chance to take revenge on the residents of Broke Jaw Ranch and take back lost territory.

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