Fear the Walking Dead has been confirmed for a third season by AMC[2]

This is Dave Erickson's third and last season as showrunner. In Season 4 the showrunners will be Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg; Scott M. Gimple also joins the senior production team as an executive producer.

There are 16 episodes in Season 3; it started filming in late 2016 and aired on June 4th 2017.

The first half of the season starts and finishes with a double episode. It introduces the Otto Family and the Broke Jaw Ranch community.

As Fear the Walking Dead returns for season three, our families will be brought together in the vibrant and violent ecotone of the U.S.-Mexico border. International lines done away with following the world's end, our characters must attempt to rebuild not only society, but family as well. Madison has reconnected with Travis, her apocalyptic partner, but Alicia has been fractured by her murder of Andres. Madison's son mere miles from his mother, Nick’s first action as a leader saw Luciana ambushed by an American militia group — the couple escaped death, but Nick no longer feels immortal. Recovering both emotionally and physically, Strand has his sights set on harnessing the new world's currency, and Ofelia's captivity will test her ability to survive and see if she can muster the savagery of her father.
— Official Synopsis[3]

Episodes Edit

# Image Title Airdate Viewers[4]
Eye of the Beholder
"Eye of the Beholder"[5] 04 Jun 2017 5.08m
The Clark family find themselves in a dire predicament. They must work together to discover a path to safety.
The New Frontier
"The New Frontier"[5] 04 Jun 2017 4.63m
Following a harrowing journey, the Clark family arrive at their new home; and Strand faces resistance as he attempts to hold power over his domain.
"Teotwawki"[5] 11 Jun 2017 4.22m
Still finding their place, Alicia and Nick fall in with new crowds; Madison discovers Otto's past mimics her own.
"100"[6] 18 Jun 2017 2.4m
A mysterious character searches for purpose and becomes tied to the struggle over a resource.
Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"[6] 25 Jun 2017 2.5m
An oncoming threat disrupts peace; Madison and Troy search for answers; Alicia must reconcile with her past.
Red Dirt
"Red Dirt"[6] 2 Jul 2017
Loyalty wavers at the Ranch; news of incoming danger spreads in the community; Madison struggles to keep everyone together; Nick grapples with a hard truth.
The Unveiling
"The Unveiling"[6] 9 Jul 2017
An arrival at the Ranch creates a divide; tensions run high as communities clash; Alicia forms a new relationship; Madison must negotiate terms of an agreement in the midst of danger.
Children of Wrath
"Children of Wrath"[6] 9 Jul 2017
An arrival at the Ranch creates a divide; tensions run high as communities clash; Alicia forms a new relationship; Madison must negotiate terms of an agreement in the midst of danger.

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And Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar (details)

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There's gonna be a new prominent character, who we're gonna meet south of the border, who is going to have an impact on Nick and Luciana, and Strand most likely. She will become somebody, I think, who can rival any of the powerful characters we've had on the show or will have on the show. The idea is to create opposing forces on either side of the border and see what happens when they end up in conflict and what happens if our family is on opposite sides of the conflict.
— Dave Erickson, on a new character in Season 3, that he seemed to imply would be Tracy Otto, played by Emma Caulfield.[7]

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Season 3 promotional images and videos.

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Season 3, Gallery of Behind the Scenes Images

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