This is the Style Guide for the Fear the Walking Dead Wiki. It lays out the way we create and edit articles here.

Please use the talk page to discuss individual points from this document. One of us can make the agreed change in the document when we have an agreement.

Names of TV Series, Films, Books etc. Edit

Use italics to show that the word or phrase is the title of a TV programme, film or book; like this. Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead can be abbreviated to Fear.

In WikiText (source code mode) that looks like this: ''The Walking Dead''

Episode Names Edit

Episode names should be in double quotes (speech marks), like this: "Days Gone Bye".

Where it's a Fear episode that's been mentioned, the name should be in double quotes as well as linked to the article for that episode, like this "The Good Man".

In WikiText (source code mode) that looks like this: "[[The Good Man]]"

Character Names Edit

The name of a character is the one given in the credits of Fear. Where the character has a generic name such as "Second Protester" it should be in double quotes (speech marks).

Linking Character Names, Episodes, Locations, Weapons etc. Edit

The first use of a character's name, such as Travis in a section should always be linked back to the article for that character. After that, uses of that character's name needn't be linked unless there's a particular reason. For instance, in a long section it might be useful to link a character's name or a location more than once if the first use is no longer visible on the screen.

Language Edit

Grammar & American Spelling vs British Edit

Always use American spellings of a word when quoting a character's lines from an American work. Other than that, either the British or American spelling of a word is ok. Please be tolerant of people's use of English, and be polite. Remember that people from all over the world edit here and that many are writing in a language which is foreign to them.

Bad Language & Profanity Edit

No Language or Profanity, none.

Racism & Sexism Edit

No Racism or Sexism, none.

Complaints Edit

If you have a complaint about a user here or a copyright issue, please contact one of the administrators on this page ListAdmins, Mike Lacey is the senior active admin.

If your complaint is that someone changed an article and you disagree with the change, please discuss the issue with that user. Be polite, don't involve admins in editing discussions. An admin's opinion on an editing issue (whether a character is Alive or Unknown for instance) carries no more weight than a non admin with similar editing experience here. Please ask a person you both agree on, to decide for you if you really can't agree between yourselves. Please be polite.

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