The Tran Home is the home of Patrick Tran and his wife, Susan Tran, and is next door to Madison Clark's house. It is the house in which Susan Tran commits suicide and in which Nick finds a gun.

Infected Susan is cut down by the National Guard in its back garden and Patrick is taken into custody.

Alicia explores the house later and finds both Susan's suicide note as well as a picture she drew for Susan during the period in which Susan would babysit her and Nick.

The basement is later used by Daniel Salazar.

Tran Home Basement Edit

This is a location in Fear the Walking Dead. It was used by the Tran family for the normal things you use a basement for. After Susan Tran's death and Patrick Tran's internment, the basement was used by Daniel Salazar to torture a Guardsman-- Andrew Adams -- in order to find out information on the location of his wife as well as details of Operation Cobalt.

Appearances Edit

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