Willa Geary is a character in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She appears in the episode We All Fall Down, and is portrayed by Aria Lyric Leabu.


Season 2Edit

"We All Fall Down"Edit

Willa is first seen playing on a beach with her brother Harry Geary as an infected staggers from the sea. It is revealed that there is a fence across the beach protecting the children.

Willa and Harry play by the fence

She is later seen as members of the group off the Abigail are invited into her home. She is then later seen playing with Nick Clarke and Harry. She follows Nick as he hunts for drugs in her fathers study and sees where her father had stored the poison tablets her brother had indirectly mentioned earlier. Later, she goes back to her fathers study and takes the tablets from their hiding place and takes one, believing her fathers story that they were special vitamin tablets, killing herself. She later reanimates and bites her mother.

Death Edit

  • Willa killed herself after she took a lethal drug by accident.
  • She is the first child seen as an infected in Fear the Walking Dead
  • She may or may not have been put down by a member of her family.


Season 2 appearances
Monster We All Fall Down Ouroboros Blood in the Streets Captive
Sicut Cervus Shiva Grotesque Los Muertos Do Not Disturb
Pablo & Jessica Pillar of Salt Date of Death Wrath North


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